Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tweed Stitch Dishcloths

I have a feeling there's going to be a lot of dishcloths on here. They're quick and easy to make (generally), and there are so many patterns out there. These, however, are of my own design.

They're incredibly easy. Mine turned out a little small - I chained 26. I'd suggest chaining 30, 36, or even 40. The only rule is you need to chain an even number.

If you already know the tweed stitch, this is pretty much that, just changing colors. For those of you who don't know:

DISHCLOTH A: Three-color Tweed (Left)

Row 1: With color A - Skp first ch, sc in next ch. (Ch 1, skp 1 ch, sc in next ch) to end of row - draw color B through last two loops of last sc.

Row 2: Connect color B, but leave A still connected. With B: Ch 1, skp first sc, sc in next ch 1 sp. (ch 1, skip next sc, sc in next ch 1 sp) to the end of the row. In last sc, insert hook, draw up a loop, leaving two loops on hook.

Row 3: Draw C through last two loops on hook, leave A and B still connected.  Ch 1. Sc in first sc and in ch 1 sp. (ch 1, skp next sc sp, sc in next ch 1 sp) to the end of the row. Sc in last sc.

Rows 4 - (however many desired): Repeat rows 2 and 3. Change color every row by drawing next color through last two loops on hook.

Fasten off all ends when you've reached the desired length.

DISHCLOTH B: Three-color ZigZag (Right)

This one is exactly the same as the last one, save you change colors every other row. So two rows in each color. To carry the colors, leave the last two loops on the row as before, and draw the new color through to connect it. The easiest way to carry the colors is to just pick up the string where you left off six rows before, but that also leaves a line on the sides. If you're fine with that and intend to put a border on, then no problem.

The other way is complicated, and I'm not sure how to explain it. If any of you would like to see, then tell me and I'll take step-by-step pictures for you. :)

NOTE: The brown border around the Three Color ZigZag dishcloth is not included in the pattern. I pretty much winged it. If you would like to add a border, by all means, do so. (: Be creative.

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